Mason Collective are well known for their sell-out MVSON events. The monthly parties, each with a unique dress code and theme have become one of the most recognised music events in Manchester. Their creative vision and distinct style has led to fashion being a focal concept within MVSON parties and upcoming collaborations with major clothing brands. With a loyal following, MVSON has rapidly grown into an established brand hosting festival stages and events across the UK. 





“Mvson international Movies presents : CHRISTMAS AT THE MILL. 

Bringing Lapland to Ancoats. 

Moving away from the world of re-creating cities within the Mvson shubz we now move on to celebrate the biggest/waviest holiday celebration of the year … Christmas.

As always we will be focusing on creating and transforming The Mill intro a Christmas grotto and as compulsory we have added a dress code of : A L L W H I T E 

Expect a mad amount of Santa’s little helpers and copious amounts of wavey Xmas ish.

We are hyped to celebrate the festive period with the Mvson family.
M A S O N”


Mvson International Movies presents : HALLOWEEN AT THE MILL. 

Winter time is here… 

As we move on from the times of the garden parties and sunny nights we step into the world of Halloween. 

The special time of year is here where you can dress however the F u want - the one night guys can freely apply make up/dress like a freak & girls can dress as ratchet/free as they like. 

Mvson will be of course be taking things to the next level creating a Halloween town within the Mantra Mill .. 

As always fancy dress is compulsory don’t be that last minute don who is in Afflecks looking for a dead mask the day before we have the right to refuse entry if effort is not made. 



Bringing another wild party to the city that raised us… MVSON presents Favela City. 

After concluding our 80s America influenced concept parties we held in May, we step into a world of colour and carnival settings.
Next up we will be creating a unique insight to the somewhat untouched favela/carnival party experience.

DRESS CODE : Colourful carnival vibes, stay locked for moodboard inspo & shoots. - please note with dress code no effort no entry we have the right to refuse if we feel your attire/effort is not fitting.

Expect live shows + interactive elements in addition to the usual madness.

As we continue to put our all into bringing concepts relevant to our own experiences and inspirations to life, we appreciate the effort and hype you guys provide us. As always we won’t reveal much until you reach, but expect the usual full venue conversion & movie scenes.
Seeing over 1000 people party both in and outside the mill on the outskirts of the city dressed in a Magic City strip club + 80s Miami style was truly a legendary thing. Thank you to everyone who reached the last two parties, you’re forever a part of our history.



As we continue to step up the party levels with in the city / UK we reach into the carnival world with our next show ....... 

MVSON presents Caribana City

Touching on the Caribbean / West Indian heritage & wave which is highly relevant with in the Mvson camp we are ready to project another Mvson vision 

Caribana is a festival of Carribbean culture and traditions reflecting the Carnival events that take place in several Caribbean Islands, such as Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica. We plan to recreate the bright and colourful scenes from the carnival scene, after the recreation of brazils favelas expect us to go even bigger this time… 

Dress code 

Delving into the Caribana vision we will be embracing the Caribbean carnival dress code which consists of all things over the top vibrant, colourful & cultural to the Caribbean. 
As always please embrace the culture and do your research into the theme - mood boards and inspo will be provided 
(If you have that one loud out fit at the back of your wardrobe that you've been waiting to rock nows the time) 

Expect live shows + interactive elements in addition to the usual madness.

Mvson celebrating music, arts, culture & Turn up since 2013. 

Caribana city pending.